• Fanciulla da Vulci
  • Ritratto virile c.d. Eutidemo di Bactriana
  • Vecchio da Otricoli su busto moderna
  • Rilievo con scena di porto
  • Statua di divinità, c.d. Hestia Giustiniani
  • Statua di caprone in riposo
©FondazioneTorlonia, Ph Lorenzo De Masi

The exhibition The Torlonia marbles. Collecting masterpieces opens to the public on 14 October 2020..

Over 90 works have been selected from the 620 catalogued marble works belonging to the Torlonia collection, the most prestigious private collection of ancient sculptures: it is of great importance for the history of art, excavations, restoration, taste, museography and archaeological research. Until June 2021 the exhibition The Torlonia marbles. Collecting masterpieces will be open to the public in Rome in the new exhibition space of Villa Caffarelli in the Capitoline Museum.

The exhibition is presented as a story in five sections that recounts the history of collecting ancient Roman and Greek marbles in a journey that goes back in time, starting with the evocation of the Museo Torlonia. It was opened in 1875 by the prince Alessandro Torlonia and was open to visitors until the early twentieth century.

Collezione Torlonia

The exhibition is the result of an agreement signed between the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism and the Torlonia Foundation; more specifically, for the Ministry, the Directorate General of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape with the Special Superintendency of Rome. The scientific project to study and enhance the collection was devised by Salvatore Settis and Carlo Gasparri, the curators of the exhibition.

Electa, the publisher of the catalogue, also organised and promoted the exhibition.

The exhibition was designed by David Chipperfield Architects Milano in the new exhibition space of Villa Caffarelli in the Capitoline Museum, brought back to life thanks to the commitment and planning of Sovrintendenza di Roma Capitale. The Fondazione Torlonia has restored the selected marble works with the support of Bvlgari which is also the main sponsor of the exhibition.

Collezione Torlonia